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High-power sextet Cookies And Cream is ready for the summer of 2015.

Armed with a new set, a dream and an infectious set of songs, the band's main goal is to please every audience. The music of Cookies is a fine selection of all kinds of styles somewhere between Disco // Electro // House // HipHop // Dance // Soul and Rock. Their influences include: Earth Wind & Fire over Kanye West back to Whitney Houston, Daft Punk, Breakbot and many more...


Take Back The City Tour 2014

A Summer with Cookies And Cream

A Year with Cookies And Cream: This Was 2014!

In 2014, let's take back the city

In 2014, let's take back the city

In 2014, the high-power sextet Cookies And Cream will conquer cities in Belgium, Holland and France. Continuously challenging the turntable culture, with their live music on stage.

With the “Take back the city Tour”, the popular ensemble switches to Cookies 2.0. : this tour embarks under the sign of King Kong – taking the city’s stages by storm.

Playing with key elements like: good vs bad, dj vs band, old vs new, rock vs dance, city vs jungle.A brand new show, combined with astonishing effects and visuals ...and, of course, their carefully selected music that will make you dance.

Old-school spectacle and the newest sounds !

Girls beware, The Cookies are in for the kill and coming to a city near you.Here’s 80 minutes of dance extravaganza: a mix of an old-school spectacle blended with the newest beats.This is a whole new level in entertainment. #takebackthecity2014

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A live set guarantees a beat-pumping, harmonic, energetic show brought to you by:

  • Kevin Alvarez y Garcia // drums
  • Sven Doms // bass & bass synth
  • Florejan Verschueren // keys & synths
  • Jelle Vinck // guitar
  • David Van Aerde // vocalist & crowdpleaser
  • Domien Van Aerde // vocalist & MC

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